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About Us

Founded on May 19th, 2011 in China, Dalian, DextDee is coined from the Cartoon Network character Dexter’s Laboratory. It is a fusion of the names Dexter, which denotes Dexterity; the ability to do just about anything with the hands, and translates into the versatility, creativity and emotionally filled scenes in our images/sounds and Deede, the annoying sister of Dexter, which is shown as the fun, playful and crazy part of our images and sounds.

Since it is a fusion of 2 names, the name is spelled with two capital ‘Ds’, as in DextDee.  We are known by our colours on the D of our logo.

We offer professional photography sound and lighting services of all kinds, ranging from
commercials/advertising, museum lighting, personalized sounds, fashion, medical photography, architecture, landscape, macro, weddings, interior design to events, food etc.

At DextDee Studios, we seek nothing but quality light and sound and with quality light comes quality images. Our primary objective is to produce images that speak for themselves, light that is pleasing to the eye, and sounds that are gentle to your ears, because that is the main purpose of an art form. Our motto is that “no one is ugly, it’s just a case of bad lighting, so we seek nothing but the good light.

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